Bet is my desktop and development machine.

== Hardware ==

Bet has a 1700+ AMD Athlon-XP processor with a palomino core. It has 512MB of Samsung DDR333 RAM and 256MB of generic DDR266 RAM. All this on an lame ASUS A7A266 motherboard with an old and crummy ALi chipset.

For a long time, Bet was giving me grief. It was horribly unstable for as long as I can remember. Recently I decided to get down to the source of the problem or get a new machine. First I suspected the RAM. memtest86 ran successfully. Next I attributed the problem to overheating and replaced the default heatsink with a gargantuan 35CFM beast, still to no avail.

Then I read the motherboard documentation :)

Turns out my BIOS version didn't support 1700+. So I reflashed the bios to the latest version. Bet was stable, but the fan was far too loud. So I replaced my VantecAeroflow with a huge (but super quiet!) ["Zalman CNPS7000A-CU"].

Now I'm happy!