This is a summarized version of a good workout by a certain DoggCrapp from

= Introduction =

Do one exercise per muscle group per day. Choose 3 favorite exercises for each muscle. Do 2-5 warmup sets up to your heaviest set and then do ONE working set (either straight set or rest paused) all out on that exercise. This kind of training will have you growing as fast as humanly possible.

Pick an exercise and take it to it's ultimate strength limit. After hitting a plateau, switch exercises.

= Rest Pausing =

The idea is to first warm up as usual, then do a couple of extremely intense sets with very small rest periods in between.

For example, warm up with the following scheme: LOWx12, MEDx10, HIGHx6, HIGHERx4. The warm up shouldn't be taxing. The main rest-pause set is at HIGHESTx8 reps to absolute failure. Then 15 deep breaths. Then HIGHESTx3 reps again to total failure and 15 deep breaths. Then HIGHESTx2 again. Every time you go to failure, always finish on the negative portion.

= Explosive Positive, Excruciating Negative =

Every exercise should be done with a controlled but explosive positive and a true 6-8 second negative phase. Lower the weight slowly to cause eccentric phase cellular damage.

= Extreme Stretching =

Use heavy weights. Stretch the appropriate muscle group after the corresponding exercise. Each stretch lasts one full agonizing minute.

= Routine =

Simplest setup is to workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Training each body part consists of a series of warm up sets followed by Rest-Pause sets and then Extreme Stretching(tm). Alternate between workout 1 and workout 2, switching to the next set of exercises (from the set of 3 favorites) each time. Once 2 weeks have passed and all exercises have been exhausted, return to the original set of favorites and increase the weight. The goal is to increase the weight every 2 weeks. Upon failure, replace the failed exercise with another.

== Workout 1 ==

== Workout 2 ==