This page is describes my quest to upgrade my palm pilot.

I recently bought an HP iPAQ h4150 for no good reason. I returned it the next day. The windowsyness got to me. My initial plan with it was to hold out until a linux distribution for the 4XXX series would come out. But I decided not to risk it and wait for the [ Tungsten T5], which turned out to be a [ hoax]. I also considered getting a [ CLIE TH55], except they are discontinued in North America.

The things I definetely need in a PDA are:

Other optional bonuses would be:

= More recent =

I recently engaged in some TungstenDestruction.

But I have a blackberry while I work at RIM, so I'm not completely free yet. Anyway, this blackberry thing has really spoiled me: I never want to plug in to sync data anymore!

So my intention is to eventually get a device (probably in 2006) that will run the Familiar distribution. Other things I want in it are: