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= Status Quo =

Total: $700

= Speculative Future =

Gas, Parking, Car Insurance can go away when I move out and have no car. So that's - $380 in monthly expenses.

== Buying ==

To buy a place for $350,000, would certainly want to maximize down payment to avoid insurance payments. It will cost $2500 per month in mortgage payments and lock me in for a long long time. Lock-in isn't an option, and $2500 is too much.

== Renting ==

To rent a place, it will cost like $1200 per month. Or it could cost half of that if I share a room. This is "wasted" money. But money spent on real estate is wasted too, since much of it goes into paying back interest.

Mortgage is $2500. Suppose I invest the difference ($1300 or $2000!) into the stock market and get a return of 10% yearly. Not so bad, even from investment point of view. In fact, probably better. And I'm not locked in to Vancouver.

= Real Future =

Total: $1500