After passing Fable, by Peter Molyneux I realized that it's just not that great of an RPG, and did not live up to it's hype.

The story was horrible, not involving what-so-ever. The quests were not dramatic. I was not in the role, and that's what a '''role''' playing game is all about. This could have been ok (ex. NinjaGaiden), but other aspects weren't stellar either.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems difficult to stray from the main storyline in Fable, (like in any other action-oriented RPG) especially since quests are well-defined through a special in-game interface, and if you start slacking, NPCs bug you every so often to go out and save the world already. The Fable designers must have meant the player to side-track, to do everything optional: get married, buy a house, have some kids, and so on. It's just not exciting enough to hang around, carrying out everyday life activities in a world full of deterministic non player characters...

As far as the supposed advances in innovation in Fable, which mostly involved parametric modelling (ie. instead of having a static model for your character, you have an ever-changing model, depending on your attributes, alignment, scars in battle, etc), I was not impressed. I barely even noticed the variation in my model, even though I took some good hits. Maybe this is due to the low quality of my TV set :)

Other things Fable boasted was a significantly increased NPC interaction system (new concept: renown), which, instead of improving the atmosphere, turned NPC interaction into a chore.

Go re-play Zelda: LinksAwakening instead.