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= The Plan =

= Stanford HCP (Dec 9) =

= CMU HCII (Jan 31) =

= MIT Media Lab (Dec 15) =

Cool groups: * Judith Donath: Sociable Media (How to create better online environments and interfaces for human communication.) * Henry Holtzman: Information Ecology (How to create seamless and pervasive connections between our physical environments and information resources.) * Hiroshi Ishii: Tangible Media (How to design seamless interfaces between humans, digital information, and the physical environment.) * Kent Larson: Changing Places (How new technology and strategies for design can make possible dynamic, evolving places that respond to the complexities of life.) * Henry Lieberman: Software Agents (How software can act as an assistant to the user rather than a tool, by learning from interaction and by proactively anticipating the user's needs.) * Tod Machover: Opera of the Future (How musical composition, performance, and instrumentation can lead to innovative forms of expression, learning, and health.) * Pattie Maes: Transitive Interfaces (How to integrate the world of information and services more naturally into our daily physical lives, enabling insight, inspiration, and interpersonal connections.) * Rosalind W. Picard: Affective Computing (How new technologies can help people better communicate, understand, and respond to affective information.) * Barry Vercoe: Music, Mind and Machine (How to build intelligent music systems out of interacting audio-processing agents.)

= Berkeley (Dec 15) =

= Edinburgh (Unknown) =

= Imperial College (Aug 31?!) =