{t:Bitter Sweet Symphony}
{st:The Verve}

# transcription by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer

Cos' it's a [E]bitter[Bm7]sweet [D]symphon[A]y this [E]life... [Bm7] [D] [A]
Trying to [E]make ends [Bm7]meet , you're a [D]slave to the mon[A]ey then you [E]die... [Bm7] [D] [A]
I'll take you [E]down the [Bm7]only [D]road I've [A]ever [E]been down... [Bm7] [D] [A]
You know the [E]one that [Bm7]takes you to the [D]places where [A]all the pain [E]lives, yeah. [Bm7] [D] [A]

[E]No change, I can [Bm7]change, I can cha[D]nge, I can cha[A]nge,
but I'm [E]here in my [Bm7]mould , I am he[D]re in my mou[A]ld.
But I'm a [E]million different [Bm7]people from [D]one day to the [A]next...
I can't [E]change my mould, [Bm7]no, no, [D]no, no ,[A]no

Well I [E]never [Bm7]pray, but ton[D]ight I'm [A]on my [E]knees, yeah.[Bm7] [D] [A]
I need to [E]hear some [Bm7]sounds that [D]recognise the [A]pain in [E]me, yeah.[Bm7] [D] [A]
I let the [E]melody [Bm7]shine, let it [D]cleanze my [A]mind , I feel [E]free now.[Bm7] [D] [A]
But the [E]airwaves are [Bm7]clean and there's [D]nobody s[A]inging to [E]me now.[Bm7] [D] [A]

{c:Repeat Verse 1}
{c:Chorus, fade out on last line}