Here are my adventures integrating the iPhone into my Honda Del Sol.

= First Steps =

The first thing to do was to replace the AUX audio in cable going to my deck. It did not fit into the iPhone's recessed audio port. Also, connecting it through the line out port in the iPhone dock proved that the cable was flakey and prone to losing channels.

This was an ordeal, since my Clarion unit has the AUX cables at the rear, which meant that I had to unmount the deck entirely. This proved easier than I expected, and everything went smoothly.

= What's Next? =

It would be nice to:

  1. Have the phone charge in the car
  2. Mount it somewhere, somehow
  3. Not have to connect a million (Or even two!) cables to it to hear anything

I think this means that I have to mount an iPhone dock into the car. Something like what [ this guy] did would be ideal!