On 9/11, a friend and I returned from the USA with a shiny 8gb iPhone each. The same day, the software-only unlock was released. Here's the procedure that I followed (from factory iPhone to updated, activated and jailbroken). This guide assumes the user runs OS X on the desktop.

= Updating =

  1. Download [ iNdependance], an easy-to-use interface for jailbreak, activation, and SSH installation.
  2. Read the README.txt for instructions!
  3. Activate
  4. Upgrade to the latest firmware (1.0.2) using iTunes
  5. This upgrade will deactivate the phone, so activate again!

= Jailbreaking =

Jailbreak gives write access to the iPhone.

  1. Jailbreak using iNdependance
  2. Install SSH

= Unlocking =

Follow the guide at

Here's to the team of dedicated hackers at who have finally come up with a working, '''FREE''' software unlock! Take that, Rogers Wireless!

NB. When I first installed SummerBoard (the hack to allow SpringBoard, the iPhone's default launcher, to scroll), my iPhone became deactivated after a restart. I have no idea why, and I suspect YMMV. The solution to this is to just reactivate using iNdependance.

Good luck!