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[ Ion] is a keyboard-oriented window manager for X-windows. It was written by Tuomo Valkonen, creator of [ PWM], the first window manager to use tabs. Since PWM, many window managers have adopted tabs, most notably Fluxbox and Ion.

I use Ion on every machine at home. In addition, I compiled it for solaris on the UBC undergraduate servers. It's definetely my preferred window manager. Ion can easily be extended using the powerful scripting language, [ Lua]. All of it's config files are written in lua.

= Key Bindings =

I have configured Ion to use vim-like key-bindings. Since most computer keyboards these days have Super (windows) keys, I use this modifier as the DEFAULT_MOD (to avoid conflict with applications that use the meta (alt) key).

The compass rose as per VI is:

h<-   ->l

I was going to split the keybindings into 3 submaps: one for workspaces, one for frames and one for windows. This would have been too confusing. So I decided to use

for movement between frames (according to vi's directional scheme),
to move left and right between windows,
to move between workspaces.

Obligatory screenshot: