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For about a quarter of my second semester of 3rd year, I decided to see what happens if I typeset every assignment that I submit. I did this for about 2 assignments in each of a variety of computer science courses, ranging from scientific computing (CPSC 302) to algorithms (CPSC 320) to machine structures (CPSC 318), operating systems (CPSC 315) and graphics (CPSC 315).

I learned how to use LyX well (aside: wow, what a pleasure it is to insert latex tags into LyX math mode!). However, I realized once again that even in my rather conservative desktop environment at home, I get carried away just because I'm at the computer, randomly switching to a different desktop to work on some incomplete python script, or something of the sort :(.

Overall, I ended up spending a lot more time on the assignments, getting the same sort of marks. Although, I must admit, it's nice to hand in high quality LaTeX prints, and get looks of awe from fellow classmates. Conclusion: I'm going back to paper and pen. I'm just not keen enough, and certainly have better things to do!