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MetaMP is a metadata client for MPD. It's a work in progress, but I would really appreciate it if you could try it and let me know what you think. Send bugs/suggestions/comments/hatemail to boris at this domain.

Often I find myself liking very few of the new songs I hear in radio. I also have a large library of music that I like. I end up listening to the same songs via as in my library!

'''Update''': Please also check out LastGenre, a genre tagger.


= Todo =

Playing: * Allow filtering based on multiple tags

metamp play -t punk,pop

= 0.1.1 =

I've released version 0.1.1, -0.1.1.tar.gz. It mostly consists of bugfixes, but here is a partial list of stuff changed: * Optimize database updating (don't re-update already tagged files from * If song tag is not found, fall back to artist tag

Tagging: * Use

metamp autotag -p /
to tag the entire music database.

Bugs: * makii's issue with localization

= Configuration =

MetaMP stores configuration files in ~/.metamp or /etc/metamp.conf. This configuration file specifies where metamp should store it's database.

# where to store the metadata
db: /media/music/.mpdmeta
# automatically start playing
auto_play: yes
# log level
log_level: ERROR
# lastfm username
username: foo

= Database =

MetaMP stores it's database in a sqlite3 database.

== Tables ==

|| File || Rating || Tags || || some/path/in/mpddb || 0-10 || CSV list (in popularity order) ||

= Usage =

        automatically tag files using as tag database
        %prog autotag --path="pop"

 tag:   mark files with tag data
        %prog tag --path='metallica/enter sandman.mp3' \
                  --tags='metal,heavy metal,rock'

 rate:  mark files with rating
        %prog rate --path='metallica/enter sandman.mp3' \

 play:  playback based on metadata
        %prog play --rating=">5" OR
        %prog play --tags="indie,canadian" <-- playback canadian indie

        play recently heard tracks ( users only)
        %prog recent

= Older Versions =