The z3 network consists of zayin, the machine directly connected to the internet, and a number of workstations.

= Workstations =

||''Aleph''|| Gentoo gateway. Zayin's predecessor. || ||Bet|| Gentoo athlon-xp 1700+ tower. || ||''Gimel''|| Gentoo laptop. Horribly broken. || ||''Daled''|| Gentoo laptop. Horribly broken. || ||Hey|| Xbox! || ||Vav || Dad's windows laptop. || ||Zayin || Gentoo amd64 server. || ||Chet|| Gentoo amd64 workstation/print server. || ||Tet || Former Mac Mini I used for development. || ||Yud || Linksys WRT54gs router. || ||Kaf || Mac Book Pro laptop. ||

= Firewall =

Zayin is a firewall (shorewall on iptables). It only allows ftp, ssh, smtp, imap, dns and http traffic inside.

= File server =

Zayin is also a file server. It hosts all of the home directories and exports them via NFS and Samba. It also hosts a lot of movies, music and other data.

The existing hard drives are sda: 320 GB, sdb: 320 GB, sdc: 250 GB, sdd: 200 GB. From these, sda/sdb are mirrored in md1, and 200 GB of sdc is mirrored with sdd in md2. In turn, md1 and md2 are physical volumes in an LVM2 stripe.

=== Partitions ===

||320G||raid 1|| ||md0||/boot|| ||md1||/|| ||md2||vg||

||200G||raid 1|| ||md3||vg||

||50G||ordinary|| ||sdx1||swap|| ||sdx2||/tmp|| ||sdx3||/var/tmp|| ||sdx4||/usr/portage||

=== Mounts ===

||/||1G|| ||/boot||100M||

||swap||1G|| ||/tmp||15G|| ||/var/tmp||14G|| ||/usr/portage||20G||

||/home||20G|| ||/usr||10G|| ||/var||10G|| ||/opt||2G|| ||/media||400G||