Today I got sick of technology. Specifically, my Tungsten E:


so I took a hammer, like so:


and smashed it, like so:


Then I went to Future Shop and tried to exploit the extended warranty, and failed, even though I thought my acting was fairly convincing. So now I'm without a PDA. Now I'll have to go to the library to get books, and I won't be distracted by my tunes while running, plus my life will become disorganized and unpredictable.

I'm convinced I made the right choice. Firstly, I have a feeling that personal audio isn't a good thing. Secondly, reading books on palm kinda sucks. Thirdly, as an organizational tool, I find that using electronics is more of a hassle than a help. Fourthly, I want to get away from technocracy (yet I'm writing in this here wiki...)