= Idea =

[ Mush]es are cool because of "...the ability, by default, of any player to extend the world by creating new rooms or objects and specifying their behavior in the MUSH's internal scripting language."

[ Wiki]s are cool because "a wiki enables documents to be written collectively (co-authoring) in a simple markup language using a web browser. "

So why not combine the two? Why not create a system where Mush-like objects are created through the web?

= Implementation =

The entire system should be written in python and deployed with Apache + mod_python.

The game itself should be scripted using python (probably some sandboxed version thereof). A wiki url would map to a python class. This class would have the benefit of inheriting from a large number of predefined classes, such as one that defines an Exit, a Room, a Mob, etc.

Inheritance is not the best way to go here - prefer to use pluggable classes, [ twisted] style.

= Interface =

A uri maps to a class, whose source code is editable through either a web-based form, or some sort of an upload form (or maybe WebDAV? - i know nothing about this).

= Links =

Having done a bit of googling, I only found one similar project: